Speaking of Art…

Lots of textile and quilt artists enter the art quilt shows.  Me, not so much.  I joined the Arts Council in the next state and town 1 hour away from me, in order to participate professionally with other artists and to promote textiles as art.  Last fall there were 8 members who were asked to participate in a Textile exhibit.  It was an awesome exhibit and everyone’s work was so different from the others. (Of course, I could be partial, being a big fan of textile art and surface design.)  But I did hear it got rave reviews and probably introduced textiles as art in an area that supports a lot of painters.

I came across Joanne Mattera Art Blog today and found it very interesting.  She has two posts called Marketing Mondays: How Dealers Are Considering Artists Now.  There is a part 1 and part 2. She has been interviewing art dealers to ascertain how they are viewing the art market at this time in our economy.  I found it very interesting and hope that it might be for someone else!



Opening Reception 2

Well, I have to say…..for never having hung textiles before, the arts council crew did an awesome job of hanging the exhibit. They did hang some student batik pieces this summer, but I am thinking they were all framed. They had all kinds of different hanging pieces for this Members Textile Exhibit, showing now til September 26 in downtown Evansville, IN at 318 Main St. The exhibit has much variety of work. Eight artists are exhibited and I think it is stunning. I’m pleased as punch to be a part of it. I got to catch up with another artist friend I haven’t seen for awhile and renew relationship with another.

And what does it take to find black Kona cotton? Someone said everyone is buying it up to make Halloween costumes. Is that possible? With the day being 2 months away? I think the last time I tried to find it in Evansville, there wasn’t any and I was going to have to order my own bolt. I generally don’t need a whole bolt but would like maybe 1/2. I had some gorgeous discharged black sateen and I sold all I had last weekend so it is time to get some more. Well, enough of my ramblings.  Have a great holiday weekend!

"The Note" - framed collage

“The Note’ – framed collage