I Think It’s Back….

…my get up and go, that is. After mushing around last week and spending a last weekend off with my husband, now that harvest is starting, I made a piece of art this morning. In less than two weeks I have an art festival to be at. Nothing like a little deadline to get one going, I suppose. I had one more transferred photo laying around, so I decided to play this morning.

A little home dec fabric, hand dyed fabric, discharged fabric and the photo transfer. But who knows…it might not be done!

I was doing some reading last night. You’ll never guess what about. I started thinking about making my own yogurt again. I think Tanya’s blog post got me thinking about it. Years ago I used to make yogurt. It’s pretty easy. My friend, who had previously had breast cancer, had turned to natural foods and taught me a lot about it. She had a book called Stocking Up, How to Preserve the Foods You Grow Naturally. I happened to stumble upon a very well kept copy at a second hand store. It has just about everything you need to know to prepare and preserve your own food…the food you are not buying from the grocery store. Not that I do a lot of that, but it’s good reference if you do want to do something. So I was reading about making yogurt last night…and thinking that if I’m going to eat a lot of it, I could save some money!

I grew up on a farm. We always had a milk cow and a milk separator, so we always had homemade butter and home made cottage cheese. I learned something from this book about cottage cheese. Know how it got its name? It came to be called that because people made it in their homes…their “cottages”. Hey, how about that? I love learning bits of trivia like that!