Saturday Update…

Wow, what a week.  I have been badly neglecting this blog.  First I judged all day for the general election on Tuesday.  I got home around 8:30 p.m.  We were so organized it only took us 1/2 hr. to get everything wrapped up, then get to the courthouse early (that’s good, before the crowd gets there), and head home to watch returns.  On the day after I have a tendency to just sit and ponder what just happened, talk to friends on the phone, and then….I started a new blog this week.  Two other things happened while I was judging:  a phone message left from someone wanting to hire me for some paid work (my phone line was finally free..yes, I’m still on dialup) and the other was an email notifiying me of information about a possible commission for a bank in Evansville.  I say possible, because probably more than one person is preparing a proposal.  This particular bank has some very unique architecture; it has been defined as Aztec Art Deco.  So Friday I made a trip over to take pictures, make note of colors and measure the spaces where new art is needed.  Apparently the president is dissatisfied with the current art on display there.  When I saw it, I definitely see why.  It’s a bit ho-hum.  Anyway he wants new fiber art that reflects the architecture of the building.  Sounds like fun to me!  I have ideas percolating already.

I also got an order for two custom dyed scarves from my etsy store.  I will be working on them next week as I have another shop wanting some on consignment, and then there is my own inventory for the Christmas in Harmony weekend. I worked on photographing the last batch of scarves so that I may list some on etsy.

As to my new blog, I felt inspired to start it because I feel I have something to say and I want to say it!  Nicely, of course.  I am writing about values and recent events.  I listen to news networks too much, but I have had an ongoing interest in current affairs for probably the last 25 years, about the time I “started paying attention”.  So if you are interested in what I think, stop on over.  If not, that’s ok too!  The link is on the right in the MY SITES section.

I have to share a picture.  This piece is a couple of years old, but I keep thinking I want to do more with this same idea.

myfriendsgardenMy  Friend’s Garden – inkjet transfer on cotton, applique, stitching, hand dyed fabric and free form quilting.