Today I am dyeing silk scarves.  I made a couple of shibori scarves and a couple of dyed chiffon scarves that will get discharged and perhaps also printed on in the next couple of days.  Two more are rusting as I write.

Today my camera won’t let me unload the pictures from it and that is frustrating…I have pics of a new bag I want to put in this post.

Today I cut corn off the cobs.  It’s the end of the corn and many of the ears had shriveled kernels.  I threw those away as they would be tough.  I cooked the corn for my hubby’s supper.

Today I dyed out in my patio…what a great place to work and a great day to be there.  Wish I had time to spend to really do some dyeing and printing, but time is at a premium this week…playtime will come later.

Today I found two salamanders in a 5 gallon bucket by the patio…don’t know why they were there. I thought my husband did it, but he said he didn’t.  I think the little one died later this afternoon.  How weird…maybe they were hiding out from the neighborhood cats…

Finished piece of art now showing in a “Green” exhibit at Rend Lake.

Of StonesandWalls

Of Stones and Walls