Loving Beeswax

I played with beeswax again with a friend this week.  We used the wax that I bought from honey producers.  My, my, what an enchanting smell!  There was a new Cloth Paper Scissors issue out with a technique using plexiglas.  Lynda wanted to try that so we did.  You can see our results here on Lynda’s blog, Bloom, Bake, and Create.  Neither one of us were terribly impressed, but perhaps that is just due to our lack of experience with the technique. However, I wanted to have a go at it again, this time using some ATC sized bristol board pieces.  I cleaned in My Room yesterday and found I had bunches of ATC size packs that absolutely needed be used.

Yesterday I watched Amy Stoner’s  dvd on using collage and wax.  Now I’m armed and ready.  I made the collages last night using 100 lb. Bristol board, prints on copy paper and words clipped from an old book.  First I glued the paper pieces down, then I  inked the edges with a black ink pad, just like Amy did.  Let that dry and this morning I am getting the wax out.

I used the ice pick to incise some lines and free hand circles in the wax, then I used a gold paintstik to rub paint into the lines before sealing them.  There is more that could be done with the ice pick and just maybe I will.  I think I could get addicted to this.


  1. I like it! Thanks for the my day’s inspiration.

  2. Kathy, Those are beautiful! I recognize the print. You sure have been busy! I think the results might be better than on plexiglass. These sure are neat.

  3. Thanks Pam! Glad I could be of help.
    Lynda, these are probably easier to think through than the plexiglas. I can see the plexiglas giving some extra options, but you might not need them when you are just starting with wax. A simple paper collage can be coated with wax, at which point you can start to do some other things to it that are unique to working with wax, like the incising part. By the way, paintstiks work wonderful for that…I just never got the hang of using the inks. You can rub the paint down into the lines, then clean off the excess with a paper towel and some vegetable oil. Then fuse and you don’t have to wait for the paint to dry. Amy used regular oil paints, but I am not going to invest in them when I have paintstiks.

  4. Katherine, These are AWESOME! I LOVE the ice picks lines & circles….going to add this to my list “WANT TO TRY”. THANKS for posting.

  5. thanks, Dale Ann, and thank for leaving a comment.!

  6. Those look great together:)

  7. Hey Robin, can you tell they use the same photograph as the background? Just different parts of it.

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