How Many Dryer Sheets…

…can one collect? I have been saving them for quite some time. I painted these this morning. If anyone wants to take a guess how many there are in this picture….when I iron them, I will count them and the person who gets closest to the actual number will get a prize! So leave your guess in the comment section. How many painted dryer sheets are in these 6 containers?


  1. Looks like about 37 to me.

  2. my lucky number is 42, so I’m going with that 🙂

  3. Hi ladies, thanks for stopping by. I guess my picture doesn’t help much. I’m going to give you a couple of clues and another chance at this!
    1. I’ve been saving used dryer sheets for s..e..v…e..r..a..l months.
    2. I probably use 6 per week.
    3. One of the tubs has at least 42 in it!

  4. 219. Why? Just because.

    They’re beautiful. Makes me wish I used dryer sheets!

  5. Okay, 137

  6. Ok, Mary Ann has revised her count to 137, Barb says 219, bjparady’s count was 42, unless she revises it because of the new clues. I will announce the total tomorrow evening (Sunday) here on the blog at 6 p.m. Everyone else has til then to get their best estimate in! I will also send an email to the winner.

  7. I’m guessing 250. I’d love to know how you did them.?When I painted a few dryer sheets I did them on plastic and let them dry flat. They took a long, long time to dry.

  8. I’m guessing 235…??
    They look really cool, BTW!

  9. Hi Norma and Karen, and thanks for weighing in! Dryer sheets do take a long time to dry no matter how you do them. I put them in a plastic tub and spritz them with water first. Then I drizzle the paint over them and begin to toss them. I keep spritzing them with water to get the paint to move. Sometimes I throw sheets of one color in with another color and toss. This will give two colors on them. Each sheet will have varying amounts of paint, some need more. With this batch, I got wonderful markings where the paint sat in the creases. You can also stamp them; make sure to put a piece of cloth underneath the sheet and you may get two prints.

  10. Oh I am going full tilt on my guess! I am saying you have 329.

  11. Kathy,
    What a wonderful contest and they all look so beautiful.
    I am guessing 208 for what is worth….
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Robin

  12. One person has asked for the size of the tubs that the dryer sheets are in. The plastic tubs are approximately 11″ x 13″. The sides flare out a bit. The center dish is a 9 x 13 inch baking dish.

  13. I’ll say 168– no reason, just because.

    What kind of paint are you using on them? I have a bunch I’ve saved, I’d love to end up with a bunch like you’ve got there. And, do they take fusible?

    You may have solved my problem for a butterfly quilt I’m doing for my daughter-in-law–

  14. Ann Graham says

    My guess is 311.

  15. jan russell says

    I’m going to guess 175. I had never thought about using dryer sheets………….I will have to read up more about coloring them……… The colors are awesome.

    jan in indiana

  16. Some more people have emailed me and asking questions. I will try to answer them all there. Yes, I let them all dry just like you see in the picture. The top ones would dry and then I would go bring the ones from the bottom up to the top to dry. No matter how you lay them out, it will take most all night for them to dry. They will dry faster if you can lay them out. But I wasn’t concerned about fast drying.

    Norma, I use regular fabric acrylic paint, Setacolor or Jacquard. The green paint is Setacolor’s Moss Green.

    Beverly, yes, they take fusible. To keep the sheer ness of them, I use Mistyfuse or Bo Nash bonding powder. I have not used wonder under because I was afraid it would be too heavy.

  17. Thanks Ann, Jan, and Beverly, for playing along!!

  18. One more observation I want to make here that may be of interest to those of you who want to paint your own sheets. I have one of those shoe organizers with the pockets that hangs on a door. I stuff dryer sheets in the pockets all the time as I am collecting them. I stuff them over full, because of course, there are other things in the other pockets! Now what happens is that they get fold lines in them. When I began to paint, I didn’t necessarily unfold all of the sheets that had creases in them. Those creases made some really nice designs because the paint settled in them. I have one sheet that looks like a flower was painted on it. So that’s something you might want to think about. I will post a photo of some of the nice lines that these got on them.

  19. What a fun little contest. And eye candy to boot!
    My guess is 271.


  20. They are gorgeous and I’m going to guess 321… just takin’ a stab at it!

  21. Karen, I have to say the colors are beautiful. I tried dyeing once , and it really is not my cup of tea even though I love using hand dyed fabrics for my 3-D appliuqe flowers. I just might have to experiment with the dryer sheets, to see what I can do with them for making flowers. I would say that in all 6 bins you have over 1,000 dryer sheets. And wonder under works on the dryer sheets.

  22. Robbie Payne says

    My best guess is 66!

  23. Carolyn Dymit emailed me with a guess of 75 sheets.

  24. And just yesterday I threw out probably 25 before we painted T-shirts. I could have colored them with the leftovers. My guess is 247.

  25. Jan Johnson says

    I’m guessing 182 for some odd reason.

  26. tell us more about these – I am assuming they’ve been through a few dryer loads of clothes, yes, no? I haven’t used dryer sheets for years but when I did, I put them through 3 or 4 loads before they got retired.

    and what are you doing with the finished/dyed sheets? I am intrigued!

    so now, how many, how many?? I’ll say 197.

    Keep up the good work – you’ve inspired me to dig out my Betty Edwards book and get sketching!!

  27. My guess will be 252. I love the colors and it makes me want to start saving my dryer sheets.

  28. I’m going to guess #225 — just because I like that number (15-squared). I’ve been saving these too — and will have to keep giving them away to my friend Nancy! Think I’ll try painting/dyeing some for me….

  29. oops, meant to say “I’d have to QUIT giving them away to Nancy!”

  30. I’d say there are about 257 and a half (don’t they rip sometimes?) grin…

  31. I’m guessing 263

  32. I’m guessing 202, and I’m so glad you posted this! I have been collecting dryer shieets, but wasn’t sure how to color them… now I know!


  33. Shelley Anderson says

    My best guess is 176!!!

  34. I’mnoew to your fantastic blog – having jsut read your post on Complex Cloth. My guess is 140

  35. Thanks to everyone who stopped by last night and this morning! Ann, actually mine only go through a couple of loads as I figured most of the stuff is gone. Another thing I found interesting, some of these were the cheap ones from $General. They were more substantial sheets and took the colors differently than the Bounce sheets. They were a different weave. I’ll post some pics of individual sheets later today. Monika, it takes a lot to rip one of these! I tried to rip one in half to use three dimensionally in a collage. It’s not easy!!

  36. Hi,

    I’ll guess 185 if I can still get in. : ) I didn’t see that one anywhere, if someone else guessed that # first just cancel mine out. Thanks

  37. Judi Young says

    Love all the colors..I am guessing 283 sheets. I have dyed some and these pictures of yours, makes me want to get out the paints once againl.

  38. uhhhhhmmmm ok welll I guess 189!! Love the colors !

    Great JOb as always

  39. To see what to do with painted dryer sheets, check out my website. In Gallery 1, look for the piece called Untitled: jeweltone series; there are dryer sheets in that. In Gallery 2, look at Study in Green; I used one sheet there. Untitled 1 and 2: pink/orange series uses dryer sheets and the two Collage pieces also use them.

  40. well, well, well….my question is this…how much laundry do you do to go through 6 dryer sheets a week?! Wow! And a fyi, they rust great too!. I guess 359.

  41. Ok, Carol, I want to see a post and some pics on your blog too!! (I probably do at least 6 or more loads a week of clothes, btw.)

  42. I am guessing 112. Did I make it in time?

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