We had another one around 2:13 a.m.  The USGS site says it was a 3.6 and located in the same area north of us around Mt. Carmel.  It has been awhile since our last one; I believe it was on May 25th.   It is very humid and hot here this morning.

More Earthquakes?

I was eating lunch with a friend today and I thought I felt something. No one in the restaurant seemed to notice, so I dismissed it. My husband came home tonight and said we had another one. I checked the USGS site here and found that, indeed we had another one, a 3.7 today at 12:31 p.m. As I continued checking the stats at the website, I see there was another one yesterday also, a 2.6 at 6:44 a.m.  This is a lot of activity for this area, which hardly ever sees this kind of activity. There is a “whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on”.

Another One?…..And off to Paducah We Go

I just heard on the news this morning that another earthquake occured in this area shortly after midnight this morning. It was measured at 4.5 and the center was 45 minutes away from me at Mt. Carmel. I slept through it, but it woke my husband up. You can check out all the recent earthquake activity at the USGS site here. It is very interesting to read. I never knew that Alaska had so many quakes.

On another, unrelated, topic, I leave for Paducah tomorrow to spend a couple of days with my friends there. Tomorrow we will shop, shop, shop…and on Wednesday, we will probably shop, shop, shop…and see quilts. I don’t think earthquakes will stop us.

I have been spending my weekend installing a new email client and getting it up and running and connecting with my server. Outlook Express has totally fallen apart. I still can’t get one of the email addresses working, but is working, hallelujia. My 70 gb hard drive filled up over the weekend, so I bought a 320 gb external hard drive to put all my photos on. (There, that oughta hold me for awhile.) I have so much computer work to do, I can’t see straight. But…first things first…Paducah.

Here is the last photo I saw of my fabric making its way through the Round Robin #1 circle on the complexcloth list. It will be interesting to see the final outcome in person! See ya’.


I just want to let people know who may be trying to reach me or who read my blog that we are just fine here outside of Carmi. We did feel the earthquake in West Salem and there have been aftershocks, but there is no damage at our house. I have had several phone calls this morning. They said at first it was a 5.4 quake, but have since changed it to 5.2. Email me for any more information!