What I’ve Been Doing…

I have put it off for too long. Last night I messed around with some ideas for Thermofax screens. I am mostly drawn to, 1. buildings, structures,  or architectural elements, and 2. patterns, grids and the like.
Here is a pattern I like…it is plastic mesh from a potato bag.


Here is a building I want to use.

bwphotobuildingThis is from a piece of dye painted cloth.  I like the pattern of it.


I don’t have my own Thermofax machine…yet…so I work on a group of designs and send them off to have screens  made for me.

Not much else going on.  I didn’t get any dyeing done this weekend, but watch out tomorrow!  We are having some early spring-like weather… terrific for getting some dyeing done.  I’m ready to do some serious work.

Friday/Saturday I sorted through a pile of unfinished small projects.  I get inspired with ideas as I go through stuff like this, and made notes  for a lecture I will be giving in March.  There are other computer-related jobs to do too, but sometimes I just don’t want to sit down and do those!


  1. I’m wondering where you sent your designs to be made into the thermofax screens.

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