Wax and Collage

No name for these yet….Paper collaged on cradled wood, then coated with beeswax/damar resin mix, then I “drew” in the wax and colored with paintstiks.  Then I used a tracing paper to make marks.  Love this whole process.


  1. Awesome! You’ve been busy!

  2. I got some things done last week! It feels good!

  3. Oops – that went before I was done. The process you used to create these sounds very interesting. I wish we could see some texture in the photo, because I’m sure it’s there.

    • Hi Terri, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Actually, there really isn’t texture per se, in these since they have a coat of wax on them. In the red areas I did draw into the wax, but then it has been fused with a heat gun, so there really still is no texture!

      • Thanks, but I think even the sheen of the wax gives you a feeling of depth that is hard to capture in a photo. Not being critical, but I have done some work with encaustic and it is so much better “live”, don’t you think? So I’m just imagining the loveliness.

  4. ok, I see what you’re getting at…oh yeh, there’s a smooth surface of wax and of course, the beeswax smell is so lovely too….yeh, these probably look pretty “flat” to the person just seeing a photo. I might have to do some close-ups and see if I can get a view of the wax and post them.

  5. The other “surprise” was the green bubble paper…it is tissue paper, which became somewhat transparent when laid over the other papers. I liked that happening. Even though it was fairly fragile, I love how you can see through it a bit.

  6. Sharon Eley says

    You’re on a roll. One creative thought sparks another one. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Kathy, I love the mix & balance of color!

  8. Oh, I love these!!

  9. Thanks Susan and Gerrie!

  10. Really lovely- inspires me to pick up some color and tools

  11. Thanks for reading and commenting, Mary. Collages are sooooo much fun to do too!

  12. Judy Schaff says

    very cool Kathy; you are soooo creative!

  13. Thanks so much Judy!

  14. The orange and green are wonderful together and the dots:)) I was thinking of you today when Mark Lipinski posted using a hot glue gun and crayons for a way of doing encaustic??? It was just a picture on his FB page but curious nonetheless. Love seeing what you are up to .

  15. Thanks Robin!~ I sort of see it as a red-orange, but that might be because I did the painting! It has a yellow watercolor base, then I used the red paintstik on the wax.
    I suppose you could melt crayons and you already have your paint. This is beeswax mixed with damar resin. I don’t think it would be considered encaustic painting, per se. I am using the wax instead of an acrylic topcoat…the fun part is the other stuff you can do in the layers of wax!
    Always having fun….

  16. Very nice. Collage is such fun… so many techniques and endless ways to express yourself. I enjoyed looking at your work. Have you ever tried this?

    I bet you would enjoy this guys website, if you are not already familiar with his work you should check it out. He got me started.

    All the best
    Mrs. N

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