Water Soluble Pencils

Life has been very busy recently in March.  I haven’t had much time to do much of anything.  Because I needed to PLAY a little bit as a break from work and play with something that didn’t take much time….

I have been playing with water soluble pencils.  I love, love, love these new tools.  So much pigment…such great colors.  I bought them because I was going to be taking some online journaling classes and thought I might want them for the classes, plus my curiosity was piqued about them.  I have used the water soluble crayons before, but these are a little different.

I have a 5.5″ x 8″ visual journal with 140 lb. watercolor paper.  I decided to do  color washes using the pencils on some of the pages as a warm up exercise of play.  On some of them I doodled in ink, on some I tested stencils.  Most likely none of these are finished, but will have more added to them over time.

The next one is a blind drawing done with charcoal, then it was wetted.  After that I tried various pens and water soluble pencils.

More new tools…a water soluble charcoal pencil and a water brush.  The brush has a barrel to hold water in it.  So when you use water soluble pencils, crayons or charcoal, you just squeeze a little bit of water down to the brush tip and voila! you can paint!


  1. Neat! Love your art!

    You know I have those water brushes and I still have used them. Are those regular water color pencils?

  2. Thanks, Lynda!
    Yes, they are. They are Faber-Castell. When I read about products I don’t know about, I always read the reviews. I think these had top reviews. I LOVE the colors. This waterbrush came in a set I happened to find at Joann’s…I never got to Dick Blick that day to check out what they had.

  3. wonderful stuff!!

  4. love your new twist on your art and the way it’s heading Kathy 🙂

    that pen that holds the water sounds really cool!

  5. Sharon Eley says

    I like what I see and I can see that by journaling and using new and different mediums that it could lead to perspective on new ideas and designs for future paintings. Love what you did and appreciate your sharing and “giving” of ideas. Thank you! and Bless you! Now…any ideas on purchasing a printer that is a straight feed, pigment ink and can handle watercolor paper and card stock? I’ve been searching the web for two weeks and going to different retail places to “test drive” their printers. So far, no luck.

  6. Thanks, everyone!
    Sharon, I am no expert on printers. There may be some good yahoo groups that might help you find the info you need. At the moment I am quite satisfied with my Epson CX4800, which uses the most excellent DuraBright inks. However it is not a straight feed and I have not tried to feed watercolor paper through it! Good luck on your search. Are you looking for laser or inkjet?

  7. Oh, do I love the effect of that pencil! Thankyou for testing and sharing that. I can think of many ways to use it in my artwork. I do collage with paper and fabric together. It seems that It could work on both and provide a satisfying solid black line when I want. I love what you are doing with it here. You’ve inspired me once again. Stop by and see what I’m doing. http://kbartdesigns.com

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