The Next Day

Ok, I need some help.  I was thinking about making the bags a little different than I usually do….but then I couldn’t resist making some with a boxed bottom.  You tell me which you like best.

Is it this way?

Or this way?

They are pretty cute sitting up….


  1. I really like the boxed bottoms. Do you line them?

  2. Boxed bottoms!!

  3. I like the boxed bottom ones. To me, they’d be more stable and easier to use. They are gorgeous, by the way!

  4. Thanks, Trece, and thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I look at my stats sometimes and I see lots of people reading, but few ever talk to me! ;=(

  5. I guess my main reason for leaving some as flat bags was to give people more choice ….but don’t we in America have plenty of choices already???? I probably would just confuse them!

  6. LOVE the boxed bottoms!

  7. GORGEOUS by the way…!!!

  8. I like the bags with the boxed bottom. I know it’s only an extra seam, but they feel more finished.

  9. Thanks for weighing in, Dale Anne and Judy.

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