The Last Few Days…

…I know I’ve been pretty quiet here. That’s because…last week I was contemplating expanding my selling options by opening an Etsy shop. On Thursday I signed up and on Friday I listed a few items. I will be using the shop to sell hand made textiles, silk scarves, and small pieces of fiber art. People started to visit the shop on Friday. By Friday evening I had two people who “hearted” me. Etsy people will know what that means! That was exciting. So I have been busy with that. See the shop here.

On Saturday, I taught two short classes in Evansvile. The first class was this little bag made by Jill. She was thrilled with it. I also managed to get two of them made at the same time!

The patterns for the other class didn’t make it to the shop…and then I discovered I had forgotten mine! Have you ever “winged it” when teaching a pattern class? Fortunately for me, it was a tote bag and I had just made my class sample in May, but still…I had to think. I teach so many different projects, that I just can’t be expected to know on a whim what is what. I threatened to take the sample apart, but it all came back to me, step by step. Whew! This was a pretty cool bag and the way it was made was pretty cool. It was the Whimsy Bag by Lazy Girl.

I have so many things I am working on and need to work on, I feel like I am running in circles. I have one quilt show in Kentucky lined up for the fall and I am making up a few samples that feature my hand dyes so that I can sell kits. I’ll give you a sneak preview of one sample, but it is not complete as I am still deciding on what the borders will be. This pattern is called Rosa and Friends and it was designed by Betty Blais of Embellishment Village. I think she did a great job.

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Katherine-Thanks for adding my link to your site!
    I love your new “bag”. Bgs are the hot item right now. I wish I had time to make some too.
    Wondering: I see the images on your blog that appear to be mounted to wrapped canvas. Is this accurate? I am searching for alternative mounting methods. I want to mount art that is 10×10″.
    I want to make it look larger and professionally presented.
    Do you know of any additional methods besides canvas?
    Keep up the good work!
    Debbie Babin

  2. I love all your “stuff”! You are so talented . I do understand feeling like you’re running yourself ragged too. I saw the Surface Design mag. What all do they have in them?

  3. Thanks Carol. Each issue features something, like, one is screenprinting, another is batik and rozome, structured surfaces, and the other one is UK surfaces. So each issue is centered around that theme and features artists working in those areas. Wonderful eye candy. mmmm….

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