The Haul

I went to Evansville yesterday to play with a friend and do some much needed errands, i.e. shopping.  I call it The Haul.  It was time to stock up on some much needed items as well as a few new things to experiment with.  There are times I only buy what I need and there are times I buy products that I have been reading about and seeing on the internet and I am curious about.

Here is part of what I came home with:

There is yarn.  I sold a potato chip scarf, so now I feel the need to make 3 more!  2 black Pitt artist pens to replace my failing other ones…love these pens for writing on just about every surface and medium.  Oil pastels…I am adding a few new colors to my small collection because I do enjoy smudging these rich colors on some of my work.  Matte medium and black acrylic paint…everyone needs those.  Lumiere in my favorite color…Halo Pink Gold (yes, Scarlet, Blick had bottles of this…you just missed it).  I was alerted that the Daler-Rowney acrylic inks were on sale 50% off at Blick…I found them at 40% off, which was still good, so I purchased 3 bottles to try.  Don’t really have a clue yet about them, but I will look up some info online to help me get started.  And the last new thing I decided to try was the water soluble oil pastels, which certainly seems like a conundrum to me because everyone knows that oil and water don’t mix!  But the article I read showed these in such rich colors on a project that I was immediately smitten.  Not shown here are the yards of batting (I do have an exhibit coming up) and yards of cotton flannel (I use this for batting for small pieces) and photo mats.  Those are the mundane and uninteresting necessities.

I also purchased some beeswax (probably impulsive) and some tins to melt it in because……Scarlet and I played with wax….

Here is my first attempt at collage with wax….I tried all sorts of things on here…marks with transfer papers and carbon paper…sequin waste stencil.  It’s not a perfect specimen, and I may even do more to it, but I like the colors and the black lines and I got a bit acquainted with how wax works…all fun!  I also learned some things I would do differently.


  1. Awesome start with wax, Kathy. I just love it!

  2. Kathy, I’ve just never gotten into the wax but I love yours. NO..don’t make me do it….I can’t try anything else new!!(me – kicking and screaming all the way to Blicks!) The inks also sound interesting. Guess my coupon doesn’t work on sale items.

  3. Nice art schwag, girl! 😀

  4. Judy schaff says

    I live your wax piece. Perhaps u should come up to Carmel for a play day!

  5. Ithink she is beautiful! I think you will love working with wax, you can mellow out the collage and still play with the surface. Layers and layers and layers! Nice haul!

  6. The thing I find the most fun about the wax is the ability to use coated papers such as carbon paper, or transfer papers to make marks in the wax…I love that! I couldn’t find my artist transfer paper, Saral (I know I have a box somewhere), so I used Transdoodle, a new product that you can find at quilt shops and shows. It is paper with a chalky substance on one side…you use it to transfer designs. I think that is what I liked the best about it all. Also, the wax dries a little to the milky side so that is useful in toning down colors, lines, or whatever. My research has led me to learn about Damar resin, which will take away the milky appearance and also harden the finish. It is mixed with the wax. I may look into that too. I love the whole idea of layering and embedding things in the wax.

  7. Kathy, it’s awesome! Keep up the creativity!

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