Scarlet Fields’ Texting Mittens

My friend Scarlet has created an item that is taking the world by storm! (Well, our little world anyway.  She did just get into a shop in Wisconsin!)  She originally created what has become “texting mittens” because the area she did her painting in was cold and her hands got cold, so she came up with the idea of gloves that had no fingers in them.  They are made out of felted wool.  Scarlet scrounges through yard sales and other places for cheap sources of wool.  She then felts it by washing it many times in hot water before it is felted.  She came up with the idea of calling them “texting mittens” and that has helped them sell.  She can’t keep them in stock!  She also uses lots of vintage trims, buttons and jewelry to deck them out.  And they are SOOOO cute.  I’m wild about them.  My pair is being created as I write. ;=)  Here are a couple of photos of them to whet your appetite…and you can go to her blog to see more.

Aren’t they the bomb?!

Go see more here!  She makes awesome jewelry using vintage stuff too.