Playing With Photoshop Elements…

Tree in my front yard ala colored pencil-cutout-paint daubs-poster edges.



We had SO much fun last night at the Photoshop class. We worked with layers and then we did touch up on a photo of a guy.  We took out his wrinkles and made him look 20 years younger.  I found the bloat tool and made his eyes really big and bulgy and fattened up his lips.  My friend who was with me declared…I can have bigger “you know whats”! (meaning in her own pictures)  I told her she could probably have whatever she wanted.

So today I took this picture…


…and abstracted it in to this…!


I love this…doesn’t it look like a Picasso?  Do you see the faces in it?  (Well, maybe not a Picasso….)

Update 4/19/09: I printed this out on a piece of 8.5 ” x 11″ cotton and wow, that part in the center with the white really takes over.  To my way of thinking, I would like to shrink that down a bit and increase the surrounding darker areas….I’m working on it, but it might take some time to figure out how to do it.