Finding Bargains

Last Friday morning I left for Evansville to do some shopping before heading over to Ferdinand to set up for Quilter’s Day Out.  My great niece has a birthday this week and I hadn’t gotten anywhere to get her some art supplies.  I found these awesome “things” in clearance and put the last 4 in my cart.  They are wonderful teal and curry colors, which are very popular with me.  I have not been much to decorate my house lately, but these things just sort of jumped out at me. I love the colors!

I was in the checkout all prepared to purchase everything in my cart.  The lady in front of me laid some floral thingies on the counter that caught my eye…she said they were on clearance too…for 50 cents each…so off I went in search of those.  I thought they were so interesting…sort of like the puff balls from gone-to-seed dandelions, but these were still yellow.  I found them and bought all that was left as well as throwing in some berry branches for nice contrast.  They were on clearance too.  I’m quite pleased with my new home decorations. Spring must be here.