Farm Progress Show

Here, reporting to you  (almost) live from the Farm Progress Show in cool Decatur, IL…there have been TONS of people come through the booths yesterday and today.  My ArtfulCloth Bags have been selling well, scarves not so well.  I’m pleased with my sales and hope to do even better tomorrow, the last day.  There has been interest in a particularly large wallhanging (Southwest Impressions can be seen on my website) and I am interested to see if there will be any followup in the form of cash or charge!

I have forgotten to take pictures of our extremely wonderful breakfasts we are being served at the B & B where I am staying.  Ah…there is one more morning…perhaps I will remember the camera tomorrow!  Fit for a king…this a.m. it was scrambled eggs with sauteed onions and green pepper and cheese gravy (or sauce), sausage patties, homemade biscuits, fresh peaches, juice and coffee. Mmmm…wonderful.  This B & B is situated in an historical part of town and the homes are very old here…like over 100 years old. I should get a picture of it too.

Signing off now…gotta get cleaned up and head up to my room…there aren’t very many three pronged outlets in a 100 year old house, so I am in the kitchen catching up on emails, blogs, and writing this.