The Same Day

Here are some more bags I have stitched up.  However, according to comments on the previous post, the boxed bottoms have won….so these will be getting pleats momentarily.

The Next Day

Ok, I need some help.  I was thinking about making the bags a little different than I usually do….but then I couldn’t resist making some with a boxed bottom.  You tell me which you like best.

Is it this way?

Or this way?

They are pretty cute sitting up….


I  love what I do.  I love my work.  Looking at inventory after the past weekend, I decided I needed to dye a few more scarves and make a few more small bags.  I am almost out of the ArtFul cloth zippered bags.  And so this a.m. finds me printing cloth.  I have 11 ready to stitch!

Killing time waiting for them to dry (actually, I’m taking a break), I was looking at my favorite pages on Facebook and came across something everyone might be interested in. Linda Matthews has gathered 250 free handbag and tote pattern links from across the web all on one page.  There are so many cute bags on there!  Now I want to make some just for fun.  I have added the link permanently to my sidebar under her name, but here it is too. Free patterns for purses and bags.

The Collaboration

Kay’s hand woven basket/purses and my liner bags….

Today’s Work…

Well, I claimed on Facebook that I was going to paint sunset fabric today…but this morning I got caught up in the whole idea of making some beaded zipper decorations to jazz up my little bags, so….

none 153

I have enough variety of colors of beads that I can create each fob to match the bag.  How fun is that?

none 157none 156

none 155none 159

I like the little polka dot bead…goes perfect on that bag!

These bags are for sale.  Some of them are made with deconstructed screen prints and some are hand dyed, stamped and painted cloth.  They are then layered with batting and stitched before being made into zippered bags.  The larger ones from the deconstructed prints are 7″ x 5″ (cosmetic bag size) and are $27.  The smaller ones are 5″ x 4″ and are $23. I know I haven’t put pictures up of all of them and I don’t have them listed on etsy yet.  If anyone is interested, email me and I will send you a picture.

More This ‘N That

Does anyone else wake up in the morning with so many choices before you that you find it hard to choose your direction for the day?!  Some days that’s how I feel as I prepare for shows, classes, etc. And then there’s the things I would like to work on “just for fun”. I find it hard finding time for those…

I made another Runaround bag…it makes up so fast and easy.  This one is made with discharge dyed black cotton with another piece of my cloth and then adorned with  leftover chocolate button trim from Moda.

none 151

A piece of black cotton sateen discharge dyed in circles. I left the dishwashing gel on it for a long time, so it bleached out quite a bit.

none 150

And lastly, some small bags I have been making using deconstructed screen prints.  The prints are just the right size, and after layering and stitching them,  they make a cute makeup bag.

none 146

none 152