Sunday This ‘N That

The presentation for All That Jazz went very well at Sew Tech. As I probed the class coordinator about what the session was to be about, I was told it was supposed to be inspirational. Apparently people can sign up and prepay for the year to attend these monthly sessions. I had planned to briefly introduce myself and my quilting and dyeing history. I showed some of my fabrics, dyed, screened, stamped with soy wax, etc. I wanted to show my progression to making fiber art. I shared with them ideas and techniques. The ladies were quite interested and enthusiastic (that’s my kind of crowd!). I showed them art pieces and quilts made from my hand dyed cloth. Since I had just finished a sample (Rosa and Friends..see previous posts), I showed it too. They were very enthusiastic about it and I did sell the first kit. I then did a demo showing them how they could cut multiple fused applique pieces without having to trace each piece over and over on the fusible. They like that idea too. Then I shared my class samples with them. These are from classes that I have taught at the shop over the years and some that are upcoming. I feel some of the patterns that I teach are timeless and fun for everyone, no matter how long the pattern has been out. Some of my very favorites are the Bull’s Eye quilt by Country Threads, Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Designs, 4 Patch Posy by H.D. Designs and Star Crazies by Buggy Barn, as well as all of SuznQuilts’ quilt-as-you-go lap throws that are quick and easy. There are always new young quilters coming into the shop and I like to introduce them to fun and quick quilt patterns. The ladies were choosing which classes they wanted to take and they were getting excited. It was fun…and it always is when you have people excited about quilting. In the classes I teach, the girls are always excited about the project and looking forward to a day out and getting to learn and make something new. That’s what keeps this business interesting…the people! Have a great quilting week…I know I will!


Thursday This ‘N That…

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. He turned 49 and I made him a New York cheesecake. I haven’t made one of those in years…too much fat! Even though I used the 1/3 less fat cheese and low fat sour cream it’s still a lot of fat. Then I quilted the Rosa and Friends sample and put binding on. Well, that part is over. Now I just have to get fabrics dyed for the kits. I was going to dye on Tuesday, but a water main was broken and we had no water all day.

On Saturday I am doing a presentation called All That Jazz at Sew Tech. They asked me to do a trunk show as well as show quilts for classes that I teach and my hand dyed fabrics. I will also do a small demonstration of a technique. I plan to visit Dick Blick and Joann’s while I am in Evansville.

Not much else going on as I have lately been spending so much time on this sample. I have to get in gear and start working on pieces that I want to put in the textile exhibit next month. I have less than a month to go before everything is to be delivered to the gallery.

Some pulls from a soy wax screen. I love using soy wax! These were printed on the back of fabrics that had gesso and paint applied. The white areas are from the gesso.