Studio Time

I love my new space…I love having the shop. People drop in just to chat, which is great, and to sign up for classes, which is great too! I love having the space for classes. Most days it looks like this:

2014-01-28 11.13.48

and this….

2014-01-28 11.13.20

Here’s what a happy class looks like!

Paper and Wax collage class 1-25-14

Paper and wax collage. In this class, everyone first made a paper collage on bristol board. None of these had ever made a collage, they told me. They used some of my own painted and dyed papers in their collages. I just put a pile of stuff out and let them go to town with it. Some brought in specific papers they wanted to work with too. After their collages were glued, they brushed a layer of encaustic medium (wax and resin) over the collage. Then they did some etching in the wax. After that we put some paint on the places where they had etched and put another layer of encaustic medium on.  Lana, Noah, Kate, Diane, Brittney and Whitley all did an awesome job!

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