Spontaneous Screen Printing Class

Beth gets ready to print with a glue screen.

Beth’s freezer paper prints.

Laurie’s unique pumpkin prints

Mark tries adding color to his freezer paper prints.

I love how this one turned out.

Jan works on a piece of commercial cloth, adding more designs to it.

One of Jan’s paper designs.

This is another of Mark’s designs. It took him a while to paint this design on the screen, consequently some of the dye dried and when he printed it, it had a breakdown printing appearance to it.  Of course, I love that.

Susan paints some of the open areas of her prints.

Some of Suzy’s work.

A pretty cool freezer paper screen made by another Beth in the class. I really like this screen design.



  1. Great pictures. Love seeing everyone’s work. My arm is in the last picture!! Fun, fun class.

  2. I wish I had gotten a good photo of you! Waaaa! Yep, I did get your arm and part of your rainbow colored shirt!

  3. Great fun with great results. Thanks for sharing Kathy.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Pam!

  5. What fun – some great work!

  6. Such a fun day, Kathy! I put up some photos of my pieces at: http://still-life-pond.blogspot.com/ Got to play a little more yesterday–things are batching…

  7. That looks like a blast and those pumpkins are to die for!!

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