Shibori Scarves

Rayna sparked this idea for me.  She did her scarf on the diagonal and I didn’t.  But I just had to try these yesterday.  I am still thinking about doing more layers on them.  These are silk crepe.



  1. Oooooh – these are gorgeous. I especially love the purple one.
    What else would you add??

    • Hi Rayna, Yeah, I love the purple one too…love how the color separated out a bit. I don’t know yet what I would add. Thought about painting in the rectangles a bit, maybe monoprinting, maybe folding it again a different way and use a different color on it.

  2. Kathy,

    That purple shibori is awesome. The design is so prominent and exact looking, good job! The teal one is so soft and gorgeous looking too!

  3. Those are simply amazing. Purple one absolutely rocks!

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