Ruth and Eve

I have two new dolls.  My friend Julia at designs and creates these dolls.  I think they are wonderful, so I purchased one, actually traded for one.  I named this doll Ruth, like the Ruth from the bible.  But this Ruth is a bit jazzier; she wears silk and hand dyed cheesecloth is her head covering and shawl.  She also has some fancy jewels hanging from her arm.

Julia also gave me another doll, one I believe she said was a prototype doll, one made out of a paint rag.  This doll I call Eve.  She’s wearing hardly any clothing, but she does have a big leaf printed on her chest, much like the original Eve might have worn.   She has a big smile on her face too.


  1. Love your dolls! Great acquisition.

  2. Aren’t they awesome? Check out Julia’s other creations on her site.

  3. Thank for shared good info and i like your blog it clean and nice picture.

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