Roz Stendahl’s Workshop At Strathmore Begins

I played last night at creating backgrounds for Roz’ class. I enjoyed it immensely. I did use some acrylic inks to splatter on the pages, but they seemed to dry v…e…r…y slowly, so I am not pleased with them. I am wondering if the brand or the age of the inks might be the issue. I used a Crafter’s Workshop circle grid stencil and distress ink pads to make the designs. Distress ink is probably not going to be waterproof going forward, but we shall see. I enjoyed playing with the colors and textures.

Mixed Media Visual Journal

I REALLY like the mixed media paper…not as heavy as the watercolor, but takes the wet media very well.

So now I am making a list of Golden Fluid acrylic paints I need…I pretty much used up the only yellow I had.

The next photo is the 140 lb. watercolor journal.


  1. Sharon Eley says

    You will love the Golden’s fluid acrylics! What you see is what you get! They can also be extended by adding matte medium. I so enjoy your postings and all the projects you share with us. Thank you. Thank you.” I want to be like you when I grow up!” Truly, you are an inspiration.

  2. (Blushing), Sharon, you are too too kind.

  3. Love your backgrounds!

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