Re-Working Art

I love to work with layering, shadowed images and vague impressions.  I like to see what happens when I take a torn piece of fusible web and cover it with a lightly painted dryer sheet, then maybe stamp on it, or take a dryer sheet with a design already stamped on it and layer it over something.  The possibilities are endless.

I started this piece last year or the year before, can’t remember.  It just never came together for me for some reason.  I think I am a person (at least for right now) that is really in to creating patterns, mark making and other ideas that create a foundation, but sometimes I get lost from there.  That’s what happened here.  I was working intuitively and after deciding it needed more “lights”, I stamped over it with various stamps and white gesso and then got lost. I liked the colors, the stamped images, the hand stitching, but it still wasn’t coming together as a whole piece for me.

A couple of weeks ago, preparing for an art fair and contemplating making small pieces of economical art called ACEO’s, I pulled this piece out of the closet.  Armed with a photo mat with a window cut  ACEO size, I began to roam over it.  I began to see all kinds of cool things.  So I promptly cut it up.  Then to each little piece that needed more, I added it.  I think each little piece is now adorable and am very pleased with this experiment.  There are frames on the market now that will will hold 3 of this size together.

Each little piece has a lot to look at…maybe that’s why the larger one wasn’t working…


  1. Wonderful repurposing!!

  2. Thanks, Gerrie…I actually think it looks much BETTER after cutting it up!

  3. I love it!! Little Nuggets of Art with a BIG impact! You never cease to amaze me!!

  4. Love what you’ve done there, Katherine. Very cool!

  5. I love the smaer pieces. I think you were right,the details got lost in the larger piece. What size is an ACEO?

  6. Thanks everyone, for leaving a comment. Meg, an ACEO is the same as artist trading cards which is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. I have been pondering the issue of how lovely each individual small piece looks compared to the larger piece…and I think what is wrong with the large piece is there is no focal point. It needs a large element or elements. As it is, it is without focus. What think you? But…I do love the small pieces and they look very nice in groupings of three in a frame.

  7. Or….Perhaps it was ALWAYS meant to be a bunch of ACEO’s, each one unique in its own right. I can also see working off of these and creating larger ones, say 5 x 7 size.

  8. Wow. I love this piece all cut up. I would love to see it in person it almost looks like it is shiny or wet.

  9. Hi Melanie, Thanks for commenting. I might have brightened it a bit too much in these photos. I’m pretty sure I sent you an artist trading card cut from this a couple of weeks ago…hope you got it. I am anxiously awaiting mine!

  10. Kathy, these are FANTASTIC! I love ’em!

  11. As I sit here and look at this whole piece on the computer monitor…I can definitely see one thing that might have helped it….more hand stitching…LOTS more hand stitching. But that discovery will have to wait for the next one…this one is all chopped up!

  12. I am loving these! A great way to utilize an unfinished piece.

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