Raw Silk

I am a part of a project in MoFA (Missouri Fiber Artists) called Pairings. The point of the project is to pair up with someone and trade visits to each other’s studios, spend time together learning from each other and then eventually do a collaboration art piece. My “Pairing” turned into a trio because a friend wanted in the project, but there was no one to pair with her at the time, so I asked to put her with my pair. So three of us will be collaborating. We have already had our first studio visit as they came to my place a couple of weeks ago.

Turner Spineto

My two partners in crime, Susan Spineto on the right and Karen Turner on the left. Both are from the St.Louis/Alton area.

So, decisions were made that day of  our meet up. We decided on the size of our collaboration and where we would start.

So here is the start….raw silk dyed with two colors of onion skins.

Collaboration piece

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