This came in the mail last week….

…along with this…

My five page spread is page 62-66…it’s an awesome issue because there are so many wonderful fiber artists’ work in here…eye candy!

Oops…I’d better say…this issue is on the stands on December 1.


  1. Robin Walston says

    Woo Hoo! What a fun thing.

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! I can’t wait to get my own copy!!

  4. Congrats! Kathy, I looked for this issue last week when I was out and couldn’t find it. I’ll look again this week. Looking forward to reading your article.

  5. Thanks,everyone! Lynda…I think it comes out December 1.

  6. Congrats! Hope to find a copy on the newstand.

  7. Thanks, Pam! I hope you can too!

  8. Congrats… where does one find this magazine???? Looks very interesting!

  9. Thanks, Vivian. I would check a Barnes and Noble bookstore or possibly Joann’s…they seem to carry all the Stampington magazines.

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