Printing Silk Scarves

I am printing scarves today, getting ready for an art fair this weekend.  I am using three different silk screens.  Two are created with soy wax designs and one has been created using Elmer’s glue.  I am amazed at the longevity of the glue screen.  I have been using it for some time now.  Here it is all messy with dye.

I made a soy wax screen with stripes and it is lasting a long time too.  Here are some of the scarves I printed this morning.  I think I am going to have to invest in more screens!

I did use another screen that I stamped circles on with soy wax, but I actually got the wax too heavy on it, so there is not a lot of dye put down when you do a pull.  I only used it on one of these scarves for a variation in the print.  When I get them washed out…I will post the finished look.


  1. They look wonderful. I do not have time to get this messy!!

  2. I love seeing your work in progress and I love the way you explain it so intently to us all. Keep up your fabulous work and I’ll see you this weekend!

  3. Thanks to both of you for your kind words…I could play with screens and designs for a week straight if I could just get the time…

  4. I want to come play at your house! You always have so much fun!!

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