New Stencils….

…from The Crafter’s Workshop….

well, they’re not all new…top row: Mums, Aborigine, Summer; bottom row: Wonky Circles (Julie Fei-Fan Balzer), Birds, Antiquities. Now I just need to get them loaded into my Etsy shop. I LOVE the Crafter’s Workshop stencils.


  1. Neat stencils, Kathy. I’m intrigued with the aborigine one especially now that we had a program last night at guild about fabrics from other countries. Our guest speaker, Louise Georgia from The Quilted Fox had lots of neat fabrics from Japan, Australia, and England to name a few and she had samples of aborigine and explained how they are made, very interesting! Too bad I don’t need one more thing to occupy my time, I might just have to start making my own fabric!

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