My Growing Pile…

Does anyone else have one of these?


Let me explain to you what this is.  Every time I make cloth, I sort the pieces afterwards.  Into this pile goes my very favorite pieces that I want to use to make art.  But this pile never goes down…it only goes up…(wish the stock market did the same).  Why is that?  BECAUSE…I am so enamored of surface design…that I can make the cloth faster than I can the art.  The other day, the pile fell over, but I just put it back up.  Some of the pieces in this pile have been here for years and never gotten made into anything, but I can’t bear to move them from this pile and into the pile of things I will sell…at least not yet.


  1. Ha! I do they very same thing! I did finally use 2 or 3 of my favorite pieces on a mixed media piece. It’s on my blog…let me know what you think of it. Love your fabrics Kathy!

  2. Practice the Doritos principle that I honor–Use it, they’ll (or you’ll) make more. Seriously, use it. Otherwise your kids will sell it in a garage sale for rags.

  3. I have a big plastic tup that I put them in. I love pawing around and finding inspiration and beautiful art cloth months later.

  4. Hi Gerrie, the reason I leave them out in a stack is so I can see them…if I put them in a tube somewhere…well, you know…out of sight…out of mind! I wish I could leave everything on the wall that I am working on…but it goes in a pile…and at some point down the road I find it again and maybe, just maybe, I get inspired to finish it. It just seems to take so long for that to happen!
    Barb, I have no kids, so maybe I should get a will made and leave ’em to my art buddies…

  5. Oh I’m glad it’s not just me… except I don’t just have one pile…. it’s more like a heap several piles high!

  6. Hey! Got anything in a blue that moves down into a dark dark blue? I know I can’t make that myself. Still easing my way into the big girl dyes!!! I am getting there though . . . .

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