My Goodies From Paducah

I didn’t need much…I didn’t spend much.  But I got everything I wanted.

Let’s see….there’s some toile tissue paper and some black and cream diamond tissue paper…I had to have them to make some paper cloth with.  If you don’t know what that is…see the tutorial on my sidebar.

Someone was getting rid of their Smooch spritzes very cheaply,and I had planned to give them a try, so I purchased a few of them.  These are paint in a little spray bottle.  They will be great to do a spray background on cloth or paper and to spray on stencil designs.  When I get a few done I’ll show ya’.

Base extender from ProChem.  This is so that I can work with some water soluble media on screens.  The base extender will seal the designs once they are down.  This is what Kerr Grabowski uses, so I wanted to try that.

1/2 yard of a Civil War reproduction print.  It’s for my stash because I still have Civil War quilts to make…someday.  Susan Spineto split this yard with me.

Distress Ink…always fun and in a color I didn’t have.  I like to crumple paper and rub this across the peaks of the crumples.  Fun.

One black ink pad…because I need one and the archival scrapbooking tape.  I ran out of this stuff since I’ve been mounting my small series called “Flow” onto some Bristol board backing.  I can’t buy this stuff in Carmi, so I have to look for it when I am away from home shopping.

I did purchase some wholesale items for my business.  Lots of stencils from Embellishment Village and a couple of new stamps that I have some ideas to use with Angelina fibers.  Look for samples later on after I have time to play with them a bit.  The stencils are for sale…they are 6 inch stencils and they are $4.40 each.

Because of the rising river waters, the quilt show was taken out of its usual place at the Expo and Convention Centers.  It was split up in various locations in town.  We had no problem getting to any of the places and finding parking.  The AQS team did a great job because as I understand it, the decision to move the show was pretty last minute.  They had a lot of scrambling to do.  But it was a great time for us as usual.


  1. Gosh, I’m surprised that’s all you bought!! But that was a good haul. Those stencils look like fun. Are you going to post them to your etsy shop?

    Glad you made it home safe and sound. Sounds like you’ve been getting a lot of rain over there too.

  2. Sounds like you had fun and found some goodies to keep having fun!! With everything split up, were you able to see my quilt?

  3. Hi Kathy,,, where did you find the stencils??? I am in Paducah and running around to all places,, but missed seeing those. Going to the Baptist church in the morning for the history on English Paper Piecing at 8 AM, then going around town…
    Weather great today. Went up stairs at the Carson Building to look at the river.. amazing. Our first trip to Paducah, going to try and find ProChem tomorrow.
    Will write some tomorrow tired tonight! Like everyone else.. Enjoy!.. I have one of my quilt patters at Paper Pieces booth in the “Bubble”, and several have sold,, so excited….

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