Moving Right Along…

I was right about this new dye color called Curry.  It is phenomenal.  Shown here with streaks of Amethyst,  I love the rich golden “curry powder” color.

I still have more to iron…the ironing is constant when you dye a lot of fabrics.  When I wholesale my hand dyes, I leave out the ironing!  The buyer gets to do that.  But here are some results of Monday’s dyeing spree…

..with onesies to match…

The plan was to clean out the 5 onesies I had in my room that I planned on dyeing a long time ago and never did.  Instead, because  they were so cute and I have some events coming up I think I could sell them at, I purchased MORE!  We’ll learn shortly if this was a good idea or not.

Yesterday, I discharged the last of the black cotton sateen I had…the whole time I’m thinking, did I need any plain black cotton for anything? And I couldn’t think of a thing, so I discharged all of it.  Later, while soaking in the bathtub I remembered…I did need a fat quarter of black cotton to make a sample with.  This may not be a dilemma for those of you who live near a quilt shop or a Joann’s, but I live an hour from anywhere and I have just made my bi-monthly trip to anywhere with a fabric store and won’t be going back anytime soon.  Oh well…

Like the donut design?  That is from a pool noodle.  I cut slices of it and used it as a stamp.

Now off to do the rest of the things on my list. I might have a little fun today and make some more paper cloth….er..well…that’s not officially on my list.


  1. Is that thiox or chlorine discharge?
    Love the curry color. That is really wonderful with the amethyst, too.

  2. Great color!! I love the onsies!! They are adorable :-)))

  3. Hi Gerrie, It is chlorine on black sateen. I haven’t quite got the hang of Thiox yet…I really love using dishwasher gel to discharge cause it’s already course I might get a different color discharge if I used thiox. The shibori was with bleach/water solution. The stamping with the dish gel.
    Hi Julie, Great to hear from you…I guess there’s no babies in your family yet! But someday there will be…

  4. love the colors. also the discharged ones.

  5. Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a risky determination great post! .

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