More Breakdown Printing…

Here is a scarf I did last week.  The technique is breakdown printing and the scarf is silk charmeuse, a nice heavy weight to screen on.


…and a nice closeup of the  textures I love…lots of people commented on it, but no one coughed up the cash!


This scarf is for sale for $60.


  1. It’s gorgeous Kathy! It takes a while for my printed/dyed/painted scarves to sell at $60, as well. I definitely think it’s worth it…the right buyer will find it!

  2. Thanks, Connie. I do think the charmeuse is better to print on than the other flimsier silks, so I guess I will have to order more of those. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Kathy, this is lovely. Deconstructed screen printing is one of my favorite things to do – esp. on silk. Economics are driving the prices of scarves (and everything else). My scarves sold a year ago for $75 and this year — special prices for guild lectures and classes. But it won’t last – you’ll see!

  4. This one is my favorite. Is it possible for you to do this process on 3 yards of the stretch silk charmouse? I would love to make a dress out of your fabric. Would you like to collaborate at all?

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