Monday This ‘N That…

Not too much going on today. It has turned off cold here and spitting a bit of snow/drizzle.  I taught quilting today to two young girls.  Actually they are still piecing their quilt top.  But I did manage to sell 5 silk scarves today and gave one as a gift.  Now I must get to work and get more done for this weekend.  That is on the agenda for tomorrow.

Here is the one I gifted to my friend Michelle for a Christmas present.  It is lovely silk charmeuse, very rich.  I stamped it first, before adding the other colors of dye, but the stamping can barely be seen.  I think it turned out very lovely and wasn’t looking forward to parting with it, but….I told her to choose, so there you go!


Well, it’s December 1 and the countdown to Christmas begins.

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