Lesson Learned

I  made a glue screen a couple of days ago so that I could screen a resist design onto some white cloth.  The last glue screen I made has been used over and over again and the glue is taking FOREVER to break down and disappear.  With the screen I prepared recently I used a paintbrush to “paint” the design on it. I used it and washed the screenprinting ink off of it…and the glue design also came off, even though I was using cool water.  Hmmm?  Ok, the first screen I made I used the glue right out of the bottle tip, no brush, just draw right on the screen with the bottle.  The glue is much thicker this way and that’s the difference.  I’m sad because I wanted a wider line…guess I’ll have to use use soy wax with a brush to get that.

This is white screenprinting ink (with a little bit of leftover turquoise dye from the screen mixed in accidentally).  I am going to roll dye paint over it.  The white ink design will act as a resist, but won’t wash out.  It will show through the dye.


  1. screenprinting looks such an interesting technique, looking forward to seeing the finished cloth!

  2. Hi Francesca, It really is a fun technique…because you can make all kinds of temporary screens using glue and soy wax and freezer paper stencils. Of course, some people make permanent screens with photoemulsion, but I like to use the few screens I have making many designs.
    I posted the finished piece, painted gold, on FB…I think you might have seen it there? It is on my fan page which I think you just signed up for.

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