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Metamorphosis: From Traditional  Quilting

to Art

The story of my journey from beginning traditional quilter to non-traditional quiltmaker, experimenting with all sorts of surface design ideas and creating my own fabrics. Slideshow as well as actual quilts will be shown.

35 mm. slide projector and screen/wall with adequate blank space needed.

Journal Quilts: Quilt Artist in Training

You’ve perfected your quilting stitch; you’re a master at matching points. You’re familiar with most traditional quilt patterns yet….you want to break out of the box once in a while and try something more innovative. This is an informative lecture/slideshow with lots of ideas to help you do just that! Slideshow and actual pieces will be shown.

35 mm. slide projector and screen/wall with adequate blank space needed.

Journal Quilt Techniques

Lecture with lots of demos and samples of the various techniques and unusual materials that I may, on any given day, use in my fiber artwork.


 Dyeing and Printing Workshops

Basic Hand Dyeing (1/2 day)


3-hour workshop includes learning different methods of manipulating fabric to produce different designs, including, but not limited to, scrunching, ruching, twisting, and the shibori techniques. Participants will learn how to mix Procion MX dyes, prepare the soda ash solution and mix colors. In this class, participants will dye their fabrics in plastic bags, thereby making this the cleanest method possible. They will produce 6—1/2 yd. pieces of different colors of fabric.

Kits are available for the class for $42.

Includes 3 yds. of pfd white cotton dyer’s cloth, 3 dye colors, and other materials necessary for the techniques.

Nearby water source necessary.

Basic Discharge Dyeing (1/2 day)


 3-hour workshop covers the basic techniques of discharging color, stopping the discharging action, and fabric manipulation to produce various designs. Fabric manipulations include some of the same as the Basic Hand Dyeing class, as well as some surface design techniques.

Kits are available for the class for $12.

Does not include the fabrics as I want participants to try the colors they would like. The kit includes everything else!

Krazy Kollage Vest (1 ½ day)

(Seen here)

 1 ½ day class. First ½ day is spent discharging fabrics for the vest. Students will take their fabrics home and launder them, then return the next morning to begin the vest construction. The “kollage” is done on a foundation fabric of your favorite vest pattern. After the “kollage” is stitched, paintstik designs are applied with Shiva oil paintstiks. Students will not complete the vest, as paintstik work must be “cured” before assembling.

Kits are available for the discharge class for $10, not including the fabric

Paintstiks and rubbing plates are available for sale from teacher.


 Spontaneous Dye Painting (full day)

(formerly Dyeing, Painting, Printing on Cloth)

Students will create printed cloth using various  painting and printing techniques. $10 kit fee allows students to use all materials provided by the teacher. Students only need to bring their own cloth per the supply list. Teacher will have some prepared cloth for sale.


Spontaneous Screen Printing (full day)

Using the same dye paint recipes as in the previous class, explore screen printing with spontaneous methods using temporary screen making methods:  paper, tape, glue, soy wax and painting directly on the screen.  Easy, relaxed, fun way to screen print. $12 kit fee.

Create With Paintstiks (1/2 day)

Learn the basic skills of using oil paintstiks with stencils and rubbing designs. Create projects or luscious textural designs on cloth or paper. 3 hour class. Paintstiks on Fabric book needed for the class. Cost is $16.95 for the book. Paintstiks and book are available from the teacher.


Design Workshops

Journal Quilting (Full day)


What is journal quilting? In this 6 hour workshop we will explore the concept of working in a small format to convey personal expression. Ideas and techniques will be taught to help students interpret their ideas to cloth and other fibers using the elements and principles of design. Samples will be shown.

 Postcard Panache (full day)

 Using the small postcard format, this class teaches participants how to use a variety of  new products that are on the market, such as Angelina fibers and film, BoNash bonding powder, Tsukineko inks and markers, stencils, moldable foam stamps, spray inks, foils and glues, TAP photo transfer, and fusible interfacing. Learn how to dye your own small amounts of fabric with inks and how to make appliques with Angelina, as well a dozen other ideas for jazzing up your artmaking process. A fun, playful class.

Fast2Fuse is needed for the class, which is available from the teacher. Kit fee covers the rest of the supplies.


Quilting Workshops

Free Form Machine Quilting 101  (full day)

Students will learn the basics of free motion quilting: setting up the work space, choosing threads, and experimenting with several basic free motion designs. Then class will explore additional ideas on choosing quilting designs for your specific quilt pattern. Bring paper and pencil—we will be doodling! I will have samples.Purchase of the book by Kathy Sandbach, “Show Me How to Machine Quilt, A Fun, No Mark Approach” is required. Teacher will have these for sale.Teacher Needs: A fairly large dry erase board on a stand of some sort.



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