Janome Baby!

I need to introduce the newest member of my sewing machine family. It’s not a large family….but this one was a steal.

Next door to my studio is a used furniture store. Lisa Chastain buys “whole houses,” which means she buys everything in the house in one big purchase. She brings all of it to her shop and sells the pieces individually.  She has been in the auction business for a long time and knows a lot of people. I walked into her shop one day and this little Janome Harmony was sitting in a chair. I asked her about it and it turned out to be part of a whole house of stuff she bought. I asked her what she wanted for it. It was a ridiculously low price and the machine was in mint condition, so I brought it over to my place to plug it in and stitch. It’s a wonderful little machine that has been little used. I have always liked Janomes and had friends that had them and we sewed together on them. They are a decent machine and don’t cost quite what some others do. It’s got some embroidery stitches on it that my Bernina doesn’t have. But I really did STEAL this baby….



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