It’s A Small World After All…

…to coin the words to a song…On Saturday I set up a small table at the farmer’s market in New Harmony.  There was an antique show in town, so a crowd was expected.  This market was the beginning of it all for me, so I try to make it a few times every summer.  When it gets too hot, you won’t find me there.  But I do like to be there on the opening day and we had glorious weather for it.  The National Guard was in town as they had been sandbagging on the river all week. The rivers are rising and rising around here.

A couple was talking to the lady at the booth beside me.  I wasn’t paying a lot of attention.  I had noticed the women from a side view.  Then I heard a voice that I recognized…she was my roommate from our first year of x-ray school so long ago.  She and her husband were out for the day.  I don’t see her often, rarely, as a matter of fact.  We lead very different, busy lives, even though they just live 20 miles away.  Now, her husband is a busy guy.  He has a grain farming operation and he does something else very interesting.  He goes around reclaiming and cleaning up the stacks from mines that are no longer mining.  These stacks are used for storing grain.  The mine stacks in their town are next to the railroad tracks.  See where I’m going with that?  Easy transporting for grain.

Anyway, he took the day off to spend with her because it was a special day….their wedding anniversary.  And I got to say that I was at that wedding 34 years ago! Thirty-four years ago on June 13, she and I (and others) graduated from x-ray school….and the next day on June 14, she married her sweetheart, whom we had all come to know and love. Another friend and I hosted their small reception at our place.  Isn’t life strange…to coin the words of another song, that I would serenedipitously get to see them on their special day, the day that I was so much a part of so long ago.  Their names are Virginia (she went by the name Bobbin) and Kenny Lasater.  Happy Anniversary, you two!


  1. I love stories like this. Serendipity!!

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