Today is October 1.  I spent the day doing extra laundry.  You know what “extra” laundry is, don’t you?  It’s the stuff you don’t do every week…the extra stuff…sheets I cover my table with at shows and the thin blanket I use to cover the floor of the van when I’m loading things.  Then I cleaned both of the ceiling fans that get so much use in the summer, and dusted all the wood chairs in the kitchen.  I washed all of the used shower curtains that I use to wrap up dye painted cloth for batching.  I will need them for a painting class next week, so washed all of them and hung on clothesline.  I changed and washed bed  sheets and am defrosting the freezer, a job that is badly needed.  Is anyone tired yet?  I also ran the vacuum.  The morning was cool and wintery looking so I made a small pot of creamy potato soup. I feel like I got a lot of needed things done today. With the number of shows I have been working, I have not paid attention to doing anything extra on the homefront.

Yesterday I screened some cloth and tomorrow I will immerse myself in some immersion dyeing…I need some yardage of chartreuse, eggplant, forest green, and perhaps some citrus yellow. Saturday I go to Evansville to teach a jacket class.

Note: I actually did write this on October 1…it just didn’t get posted til this morning!

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