Hand Stitching….

I have been doing some hand stitching. Who…me? Yeah. It’s something I don’t do a lot of, but there was a project in the 2007 Quilting Arts Gifts issue that caught my eye. As Christmas approaches, I am thinking about a present for a certain friend. It’s a quilted bag by Linda and Laura Kemshall on page 21. I figured the hand stitching is something I can do in the evenings while watching tv…and then there’s election day coming up. I will need some handwork to do!

I don’t do much hand quilting…like, none, to be exact. Not thinking, I layered my layers with a piece of cotton batting, since I use that exclusively in my quilts and only have that around. I will have to remind myself not to do that again! Hand quilting with cotton batting is not good. It will take much longer, I can tell. And I’m only working on a 14″ square. Here is the full view of the first stage in progress…layered paint rag, polyester sheers, dryer sheets, painted cheesecloth…

…and the close up view…

…this is kind of fun…I just have to remember to use some poly felt for the batting next time!


  1. This is beautiful, Kathy. The layering gives it such depth and personality.

  2. Wellllll…for someone who doesn’t handstitch much this is a testimony to the fact that you should DO IT MORE! This looks fantastic.

  3. It is awesome!!! I love the stitches! Great job Kathy!

  4. Lovely. Next time, use wool – the needle slides through as it it were a hot knife cutting butter. Great use for moth-eaten garments, too!

  5. Thanks for the idea, Margaret! My sore fingers will remember the next time I do one of these.

  6. Sharon Eley says

    Your work is beautiful! I’m trying to locate the dryer sheet!

  7. Absolutely stunning. The colors are gorgeous!

  8. The fabric is lovely, so many colors…my favorite! I’m very surprised and impressed with the hand quilting too!

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