I get plumb silly with myself when I make an exciting (to me anyway) discovery while I’m doing art. Remember this piece of paper cloth? It was the piece I did the tutorial on (see sidebar link).  I am finding this paper/cloth with metallic paint on it notoriously difficult to photograph.  It looks like blotches of paint when it really has a nice warm color all over it.

I decided to make a needle case today for a friend of mine out of this paper/cloth.  I layered it and quilted leaves and hearts on it.  As on the last one I made (see tutorial) I colored in the leaves with Tsukineko Fabrico marker #165 Pine.  The ink is transparent which is a wonderful asset because it doesn’t totally cover all those luscious designs on the papers below.  The heart quilting could barely be seen. Coloring them posed a greater challenge to me because the garnet and orange markers make a pretty solid look, which was not what I wanted. (To see what I mean, see the Tutorial–one of the needlecases has hearts that are painted with the marker and left to dry.) On a whim, I colored a heart with the Garnet #125  and Autumn Leaf #153, but instead of letting it dry, I smudged it with my finger…PERFECT!  I kept doing this to all of the hearts with both colors.  Results? A luscious look full of depth…and you can see the hearts but  they blend softly and don’t  stand out.  Something so simple…

I’m so pleased with how this turned out!


  1. It is beautiful, Kathy!!

  2. That is gorgeous!

  3. Thanks, ladies…I think this paper/cloth making could be addicting…but then it’s a way to clear out my paper stash…right? It really doesn’t take long to make a sheet of it and then let it sit to dry overnight. Then it’s ready for when the muse hits to do something with it…

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I want! This one turned out gorgeous! Your friend is a very lucky lady, R

  5. Yeh, I know, I love this one too!! Robin, you are my friend too ya’ know….let’s see…when is your birthday…..???? (I remember…lol)

  6. Your paper cloth is like a siren’s song. It’s gorgeous and it makes me want to play, too.

  7. Why thank you sophie…I am really itching to make more…maybe very soon.

  8. Lunachance says

    I think this last piece of art would be most fabulous as the cover for a journal. I was hoping to find something like that on your etsy site. Alas, I will wait until you make something fabulous with words on it and ready for either my words inside or some sketching.


  9. Hi Lunachance…thanks for your comment…and…I was thinking the exact same thing!!! I’ve been mulling it over in my mind and wondering how to get it done!

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