December 18, 2009

That’s my birthday.  I took a total break from all the have-to-do things of the holidays and celebrated the day to my choosing.  I have pictures to share of what I managed to accomplish!

First is my left hand warm up drawing from the morning…

Then because I was searching for something, that ended up with hours of cleaning in my sewing room…not that it needed it or something. lol!  I soon gave my attention to a piece of “paper cloth” I had made some time ago.  I found it in the piles I was looking through.  It’s called paper cloth because you  make it by adhering papers to cloth.  This particular piece I adhered papers to a product called do-sew (I think that’s what it’s called).  It’s used to cut dress patterns from.  It’s a thin woven product.  Because it was thin is why I wanted to use it as the base to make the paper cloth rather than muslin. My paper cloth actually ended up being quite sturdy.  I cut it in a 5 inch strip and layered it with batting and started stitching vines on it; when I got tired of that I threw some hearts in…then with a fabric marker, I “painted” the leaves and the hearts…

This folds in thirds and, after adding a felt strip on the inside, is now a needle holder.  Keeping track of needles can be daunting, but now with this very cute case, I think I can manage it.

There was enough paper cloth to make a…you guessed it…a cell phone pouch to hang from your neck!

The more I feel this “paper cloth” the more I am impressed with the sturdiness and feel of it.  I think there’s enough left that I could make a wallet if I wanted…yes, it’s that sturdy…almost feels like leather…

Even though I didn’t get any world-altering artwork done, I am pleased with the experiment with paper cloth…now I want to create more of it!

…And I did have shrimp and wine…


  1. This is GORGEOUS Katherine! Hope your Birthday was the BESTEST ever!!!

  2. Thanks, Dale Anne…it was fun to pick this paper back up and move forward with it.

  3. love your new paper cloth, cute design!

  4. Hi Jaime, and thanks for reading and commenting! Making paper cloth is definitely something I am looking forward to doing more of.

  5. Happy birthday! I’ve made a lot of paper cloth, but it’s so heavy and stiff. Maybe I should try something like the do-sew for the base. Your hearts & leaves design is very sweet.

  6. Thanks for the well wishes Michelle. Paper cloth is heavy and stiff…maybe diluting the glue used in it might make it more flexible. I have only made it a couple of times and haven’t really experimented with it very much, like varying the amounts of glue, but you have given me an idea I might try!

  7. Ok, those are absolutely adorable and I might have to add this paper cloth stuff to my ‘attempt this’ list. Where are the instructions?

  8. Hi Robin, Cloth Paper Scissors issue Winter 2004 which is the premier issue, has instructions by Beryl, Taylor on making Fabric From Paper. Jane LaFazio has some instructions in Cloth Paper Scissors, issue 17 Mar/April 2008 also. Another great article by Kelli Perkins is in Cloth Paper Scissors issue12 May/June 2007. I ordered a bunch of back issues of Quilting Arts to sell at shows…maybe I should have the Cloth Paper Scissors issues too, eh???

  9. Great idea Kathy! I love to work with the paper cloth too! And Happy (late) Birthday! My son’s b’day is the 23rd, step daughter is 29th, husbands is 30th, niece is 20th…and the list goes on and on…Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. Hi Carol, thanks for the well wishes…oh you have all those December birthdays too…here it’s me, my mother-in-law and niece in December…Merry Christmas to you too!

  11. oh, you clever girl! Happy belated birthday and Christmas and New Year and all that. I have to say that your drawing with the left hand looks 20 times better than mine would – and I am left-handed! LOL.

  12. Hi Rayna…I am so glad you came by and left me a note…happy holidays to you!

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