Category Cloud

Ok, so for months now, I have missed my category cloud on the sidebar of my blog. The wonder of the cloud is that any reader can come here and choose a category and instantly see all of the blog posts I have written about a certain subject. I think it’s the greatest invention since sliced bread. I had the category cloud on my old blog (and still do), but it didn’t materialize here when I got my new website/blog set up.

Today, I found it and how to put it back up! I hope my readers will once again enjoy browsing a topic using the category cloud on the sidebar. Try it! Read about using Citrasolve, carving stamps, breakdown printing, gelatin printing, and so much more! Blogs are a wealth of history and mine is full of all my playtime since 2008.

Well, my bad. I see there has been a category drop down list all this time. But seriously, does anyone use those? I’m not sure. I’m not sure I ever have.

A Thought To Ponder

I had to go to New Harmony yesterday for a meeting about our annual studio tour.  I left early so that I could spend some time wandering the town and taking pictures for future collages.  I came upon this.  I had never noticed it before.

Something to think about, eh?

My Blog Book

Well, I’ve gone and printed the first installment of my blog. I did it at and I must say I really like the quality of the book. They did a great job. This one is 54 pages and covers April through August 7, 2008. It will take several books to do the whole blog!  Please pardon the flash on the cover.

Want To See Some Art? Wow.

I don’t usually post videos, but this was so touching and ingenious that I wanted to share it.  Linda over at Creative Textile and Quilting Arts posted this and I am re-posting it.  This is a Ukranian artist creating her interpretation of the invasion and occupation of the Ukraine in WW2.  She does it with a light box, music, and “sand painting”.


The Wit and Wisdom of Wendell Castle

Wendell Castle

Wendell Castle is a furniture artist from upstate New York with a career spanning 5 decades. I learned about him by following a “tweet” to this blog…

I found his Rules of Thumb to be quite informative and entertaining…

Here are 10 of his “Adopted Rules of Thumb”…

1. If you are in love with an idea, you are no judge of its beauty or value.

2. It is difficult to see the whole picture when you are inside the frame.

3. After learning the tricks of the trade, don’t think you know the trade.

4. We hear and apprehend what we already know.

5. The dog that stays on the porch will find no bones.

6. Never state a problem to yourself in the same terms it was brought to you.

7. If it’s offbeat or surprising, it’s probably useful.

8. If you don’t expect the unexpected, you will not find it.

9. Don’t get too serious.

10. If you hit the bullseye everytime, the target is too near.

Wednesday This ‘N That…

In my last post I promised a picture of the jacket I finished at the retreat.  It is actually a “hybrid” using two of SuznQuilts‘ jacket designs, with a twist of my own thrown in.  I wanted to make this jacket just for me.  Valentine’s Day is coming (not that I celebrate it that much), but I thought this jacket was a cute design, so that is why I made it.



New potato soup recipe I made last night…this one has bacon in it. Yummm…I am so stuck on potato soups right now.


Today I am preparing to pack my van so that I can leave early in the morning.  Where am I going?  To another quilting retreat, that’s where! It doesn’t get any better than that.  This one will be held in a quilt shop that has living quarters on the 3rd floor.  Hopefully I will have new finished projects to show when I get back.

On another note, I want to congratulate the new president on a fine inaugural event and I wish him the best of success in governing this great land for the next four years.  May God richly bless him and his family as he embarks on the work ahead.

Has Anyone Seen One of These Lately?


Have you seen one of these lately?  My husband and I went on a little drive back in September, before he got busy in harvest.  We came across this telephone booth out in the middle of nowhere.  I was struck by the fact that you don’t see these any more and so I had to photograph it for posterity’s sake.  It has gone the way of the rotary phone, old farming implements, and other things that our modern economy doesn’t use any more due to massive improvements.  It is now a memento of a different era.  With these pictures, I can explain to my nieces and nephew that, before there were cell phones, there were pay phones and phone booths scattered all over the place so that people could use the phone when they were away from home.  That should be a good story.  Ahhh…the times, they are a’changing.