Category Cloud

Ok, so for months now, I have missed my category cloud on the sidebar of my blog. The wonder of the cloud is that any reader can come here and choose a category and instantly see all of the blog posts I have written about a certain subject. I think it’s the greatest invention since sliced bread. I had the category cloud on my old blog (and still do), but it didn’t materialize here when I got my new website/blog set up.

Today, I found it and how to put it back up! I hope my readers will once again enjoy browsing a topic using the category cloud on the sidebar. Try it! Read about using Citrasolve, carving stamps, breakdown printing, gelatin printing, and so much more! Blogs are a wealth of history and mine is full of all my playtime since 2008.

Well, my bad. I see there has been a category drop down list all this time. But seriously, does anyone use those? I’m not sure. I’m not sure I ever have.

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