Back From Retreat…

Well, I’m back at home this week and getting the rest I missed getting (!) at retreat. I got the quilt finished and put the binding on (see photo from prior post). I got a new jacket model finished.

I finished stitching up 5 new bags. Here are a couple of them.  These two are now posted in my etsy shop.

I had taken some layered cloth for backgrounds for new art that I did the machine quilting on.  These are pieces in a series like “Flow” on my sidebar.

Some may remember some shibori dyed pieces I did awhile back with the circles on them.  I played around with them with an idea I had…here’s where it is so far…

Getting away from home is helpful…like…a quilting marathon…no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, just sewing and quilting. Everyone should do it once in a while!

Yesterday was spent in an endless round of picture taking while I tried to get good photos for jurying. I used the shots taken in the photographer’s studio as a gauge, since this particular piece didn’t get photographed there.  Now I think I’m finally done with that process!

Getting ready for Indiana Heritage show in Bloomington, IN.  Planning, preparation and putting in orders.  It will be a bigger show than I usually do…but that will be good.


  1. Hey Kathy! glad to see a post again. I haven’t seen your jackets before, is this a totally new project for you? I love it! You must sell the dickens out of those little bags, they are too cute. the shibori pieces are coming along great.

    we’ve got another stinkin’ weather advisory tomorrow! I’m soooo ready for spring! chat soon, Jaime

    p.s. I’m taking orders for my heirloom tomtao plants now if you are interested or know of anyone that is 🙂 see them at :

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