August This N’ That

Summer is winding down…it’s August already.   It has gone by quickly.

Along with leaving town a couple of times, working to have items ready for the artisans/farmer’s market each weekend, and now produce coming in from the garden, a girl has to work hard at getting quality time making art.  I have an exhibit to hang in October…!

I have been working on some new work and last week saw me spending a lot of time just doing art.  “Composition” is a new series I am working on.  It is mixed media work and I am enjoying it immensely.  I am having loads of fun using paint, ink and pastels to create on paper and cloth.

Composition - collaged base of paper and cloth, gesso, acrylic paint, oil pastels, ink paper

There are more coming in this series and manner of working.  These measure approximately 15″ square.  Work is also proceeding on a larger piece using discharged black cotton sateen and a rust dyed cotton feed sack.

Scarlet and I have started working on Christmas ornaments for the gallery gift shop.  Mine will mostly be mixed media and made of papers.  They are started but there is much to be done before they are ready for display.

New journal covers I have been creating this summer are photos printed on cotton. Oh, look…one of them is the new artwork, Composition.

I have a couple of shows I will be working in September.  See my events tab (above) to see where I will be.  October will be the time I am finishing up everything for my exhibit in New Harmony, IN.

Well, I guess it’s time to get back to my other work now….


  1. Yummy.

  2. So happy to have seen the work in person and in progress! You have worked hard and it shows! Hugs!

  3. Wow! Your new work is so very powerful! I am very impressed and jealous in a good way! I haven’t done much this summer. Beautiful pieces and good luck with your show in October!

  4. Thanks, everyone!

  5. Love the journal covers and the new composition!! I see you are starting to feel the ‘tick tock’ of October approaching as well. Keep it up girl you are doing great!
    Miss you
    Love ya
    and look forward to seeing what you do with those water soluble oil pastels:)))

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