At The Gallery

I thought I would post a few photos of my exhibit, Surface Matters, for you to see how it is hung.  These photos are of the Flow series.

Flow #2, #3, #4

Flow #2, #3, #4

Flow #5, #6

Flow #7, #8

Flow #7, #8

And then of course, the one that started it all…

The original Flow



  1. When did you start having ads on your blog?
    The show looks lovely.

  2. I have ads on my blog? I have not noticed…must look…

  3. Thanks Gerrie!

  4. Can’t wait to see it in person! Thanks for the peek.

  5. OH these are lovely Kathy! Will post!

  6. they look greatxxwell donexxx

  7. Kathy,
    Thanks for the pictures…They look wonderful hanging together!!!!
    Congrats again on the sale and look forward to hearing about many more:))

  8. Thanks, everyone! Wouldn’t it be cool if someone just had to have the whole series to hang together?! Well, the first one is sold. And I have #9 still here at home, still deciding on the presentation of it.

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