At The Gallery Part 2

Here’s a couple more pieces of my exhibit that have not been seen on my blog before.

Sticks and Stones #3

Rust dyed cotton sateen, silk screening, stenciling, applique, hand writing, paint, ink, dyes, stitching with polyester thread.

Sticks and Stones #4

Rust dyed feed sack, discharge dyed cotton sateen, silk screened, stenciled and stamped, paint, dyes and automatic dish washing liquid and other discharging products, hand writing, inks, stitching with polyester thread.


  1. Love Sticks and Stones #3!!

  2. I love its colors! Thanks, Lynda.

  3. LOVELY!! My favorite is #4! I’m an earth tone kinda gal!! Very, very nice pieces!

  4. Nice to see these pieces!

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