Art Journaling

I have signed up for two journaling projects starting the first of the year. What was I thinking? And will I even be able to do either one? Oh well.
One of them is called the Sketchbook Challenge and there is an icon in my sidebar that will take you right to where you need to sign up. The other one is free classes offered by Strathmore. They have new visual journals this year with all different kinds of papers in them, including watercolor. It sounded interesting, so I signed up back in November sometime. I bought some new art supplies on Saturday when I was shopping in Evansville, but couldn’t get the watercolor visual journal. So I ordered it online. Dick Blick is totally out of them and Jerry’s Artarama have them on backorder! There are over 1000 people signed up for the Strathmore journaling classes, so I guess everyone has pretty well beat me to the 9″ x 12″ watercolor 140 lb. paper visual journal. Evansville Dick Blick did not stock them.
I bought some oil pastels after reading reviews about Sennelier being about the best the reviewers had ever tried. A couple of triple liner markers (these are very cool and come in very cool colors) to add to my current collection, and some Pentel artist markers as well as a graphite pencil. We’ll see what happens! I think it will be great fun if I just give myself permission to do it.


  1. I found a 140 strathmore watercolor spiral book at michaels and it was 40 percent off. I am really looking forward to these classes. Maybe I will have time for these!

  2. I think it will be fun to see what everyone is doing. I’m glad you are taking it too!

  3. Kathy, That sketchbook challenge sounds good too, but not sure I can do both. I’ll just follow what you’re doing. I am looking forward to the other one though!

  4. I ordered the visual journals online from Dick Blick. They were due in tomorrow, plus I got free shipping!! I also got water soluble pastels, hoping they’re like the neocolors.
    I signed up for all 3 Strathmore classes, as well as the Sketchbook challenge!

  5. Hi Trece…yeh, Dick Blick was totally out of the 9″x 12″ journals…I ordered somewhere else as they said the backorder was for this week. I have never tried oil pastels, but was watching a lot of videos online about them…I thought I might use them in these classes and weren’t they on the supply list for class 1? This should be fun! We can watch what each other gets done…although I’m not promising much on my end.

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