…And The Winner Is…

….Marilyn Davis! There were 243 total sheets.  I counted them several times to be sure. A few of you were very close, but Marilyn’s estimate was 247 and she came the closest.   Congratulations, Marilyn! I will be sending you a bundle of these painted dryer sheets as your prize. If you will send me your snail mail address, I will get these out to you pronto.  My appreciation goes out to all of you who participated!  I will be putting some bundles of these sheets in my etsy shop this week if you are interested in purchasing some.


  1. Cindy B. says

    Because I am obsessive … I save the sheets. Tell me where to mail them!

    Best wishes,
    Cindy B.

  2. I love this idea….but can you tell me if the sheets need to be used or can they be new? They certainly have a different texture after being used. I wonder if I could just put a bunch in the dryer all at once to get that “used” texture? I live alone, and don’t go through that many on my own. Thanks so much for posting about this.

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